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Takaaki Kumazawa

    Department of Policy Studies Associate Professor
    Institute of Human Sciences Associate Professor
    Course of Public/Private Partnership Associate Professor
Last Updated :2020/11/13

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Research funding number

  • 20366933

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Research Interests

  • Language Testing   Second Language Acquisition   TESOL   Applied Linguistics   

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Educational psychology
  • Humanities & social sciences / Education - general
  • Humanities & social sciences / Foreign language education

Books etc

  • Systematic criterion-referenced test development in an English-language program
    KUMAZAWA Takaki (Single work)UMI Dissertation Services 2011/01
  • 言語研究と量的アプローチ
    熊澤 孝昭 (Contributor)
  • Ambitions Elementary
    熊澤 孝昭他 (Joint work)


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