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Akiko Nakajima

    Department of Regional Development Studies Associate Professor
    Course of Regional Development Studies Associate Professor
Last Updated :2020/12/15

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  • 80734029

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  • Humanities & social sciences / Politics / Comparative Politics, EU Area Studies

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Published Papers

  • Illiberal Democracy: Populism and Postcolonial Critiques in Central and Eastern Europe
    Akiko Nakajima
    The Chuo Law Review 124 (1・2) 331 - 355 2017/04 [Invited]
  • Illusion of Left-Wing Populism: Greece's SYRIZA and Spain's PODEMOS
    Akiko Nakajima
    Annuals of Japanese Political Science Association 144 - 162 2016/12 [Invited]
  • Welfare Politics in Contemporary Spain: Changing Southern European Welfare State after Decentralization
    Akiko Nakajima
    PhD.Thesis, Waseda University 2009/11 [Refereed]
  • Spanish Welfare State and Voluntary Sector: Dramatic Development in the Nineties?
    Akiko Nakajima
    Waseda review of Socio-science (14) 125 - 140 2008/03 [Refereed]
  • Spanish Welfare State and Immigration Policy
    Akiko Nakajima
    Waseda review of Socio-science (13) 157 - 171 2007/03 [Refereed]
  • Resurgence of Social Concertation in Spain: Significance of the 1997 Labor Market Reforms
    Akiko Nakajima
    Waseda review of Socio-science (12) 171 - 185 2006/03 [Refereed]
  • Focusing on Spanish "Familialistic" Welfare Regime and its Implication
    Akiko Nakajima
    Waseda review of Socio-science (11) 113 - 128 2005/03 [Refereed]
  • "Southern European Model" of Welfare in view of Spanish Case
    Akiko Nakajima
    Waseda review of Socio-science (9) 151 - 166 2003/03 [Refereed]

Books etc

  • Social Welfare in the World 4: Southern European Countries
    M. Kotani; M. Yokota (Joint workSocial Economy in Spain: Third Sector and Social Enterprise)Tokyo: Junposha 2019/08
  • Approach to Welfare Society(Last Volume)
    H. Osone; S. Morita; M. Kanagawa; H. Konishi (Joint workPro-independence Vid in Catalonia: Divided Views over "Available Utopia")Tokyo: Seibundo 2019/05
  • Social Capital (Welfare + α:7)
    M. Tsubogo (Joint workChapter 15: Civil Society in Spain and Social Capital)Kyoto: Minerva Shobo 2015/08
  • Democracies in Europe (2nd Ed.)
    R. Amiya; T. Ito; T. Narihiro (Joint workChapter 9: Southern European Countries and the column on Greece)Kyoto: Nakanishiya Publisher 2014/03
  • Comparative Welfare States: Theory, Quantitation and Country Cases
    M. Shizume; M. Kondo (Joint workChapter 11: Spain Southern European Welfare State viewed from Historical Institutionalism)Kyoto: Minerva Shobo 2013/12
  • Development and Transformation of Spain's Southern European Welfare State: Familialism as Welfare Regime
    Akiko Nakajima (Single work)Kyoto: Minerva Shobo 2012/02
  • Post-Welfare State and Social Governance
    J. Yamaguchi; M. Tsubogo; T. Miyamoto (Joint translationY. Stryjan as author, Social Democracy, Labour Market and the Third Sector: Case of Sweden)Kyoto: Minerva Shobo 2005/10


  • From Movement to Parliamentary Party: Effects of Spain's PODEMOS
    Akiko Nakajima  Economic Poliy for Quality Life  232-  14  -18  2016/05  [Invited]
  • Spain in Transition: Economic Crisis and the End of Social Agreement
    Akiko Nakajima  Review of Consumer Co-operative Studies  (469)  30  -36  2015/02  [Invited]
  • Civil Society in Spain facing Economic Crisis: New Climate created by the 15-M Movement
    Akiko Nakajima  Economic Policy for Quality Life  (199)  20  -25  2013/08  [Invited]
  • Europe and a New Global Order: Bridging the Global Divides (A Report for the Party of European Socialists, May 2003)
    P. N. Rasmussen; translated by; Akiko Nakajima  Globalization and Multilateralism, Seikatsuken Books  (22)  110  -130  2005/04  [Invited]